RD54 Stopped Spinning

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Robert Jarratt wrote:

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> > On Fri, Apr 3, 2015 at 11:44 AM, tony duell <ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
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> > > The RD54 is a Maxtor XT1140 or something similar.
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> > The RD54 is a Maxtor XT2190, which, as you say, is quite similar to the XT1140.
> > Both have 15 data heads (eight platters), but the XT2190 has a higher cylinder
> > count (1224 vs 918), reportedly at least in part due to use of a better head
> > design.
> > 
> > Maxtor pioneered the use of the drive motor integrated in the spindle, which is
> > what allowed them to fit eight platters into a 5 1/4" drive in 1983, when other
> > vendors were limited to four platters.
> Hmm... does that mean it might be difficult to reach/see/replace the hall effect sensors?
> Regards
> Rob

Difficult? Hmm.. I would say they are some of the last things you see if
you dismount the entire drive including the stack of platters.

This is not the way to repair the drive.
Try to find out if the Motor Coils are ok and connect a scope to the phases
to see what's going on after power up.
I've repaired several old disks with different failures and opended them
at home, but this isn't really what you want and you should avoid doning
this if possible. Some people say doing this in the kitchen a boiling put
of water nearby is the best you can do to avoid dust ..


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