Intellec MDS-2

Dave Mabry dmabry at
Fri Apr 3 16:34:03 CDT 2015

Jay West wrote on 4/3/2015 8:55 AM:
> Dave wrote...
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> What is the symptom with the CRT?  I think that was the achilles heel of the MDS.  It usually was the connectors on the cable to the CRT control board.  Some of the pins carry too much current and the heat made them go intermittent.  The other problem that I found was on the control board inside of the CRT module.  It was usually cold solder joints and a little touch up usually fixed it.
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> I'm in the midst of a classiccmp-related project with a deadline that will take many months, but eventually I'll get back to the MDS.
> As I recall when I pulled out the mds a few months ago, half the time on powerup there was no crt display, and when it would come up, the diagnostic firmware indicated a problem with the crt control board. Sometimes during the powerup sequence the display would work but then go blank.

The diagnostic tests functionality of the crt section of the IOC board, 
IIRC.  My earlier comments about the achilles heel being the crt board 
in the monitor module wouldn't apply to that.  There is no diagnostic 
built in that tests the board I was referring to.

The symptom of the display going blank after coming up, seemingly 
correctly, would point to that analog driver board in the monitor module.

Perhaps you have more than one issue.

> I also recall that maybe a year ago when I pulled it off the shelf, I could not find my diskettes for the system :( I know they were in the basement, but I looked for a couple days and could not find it. I'd gladly pay something reasonable for some 8" floppies with ISIS2, ASM, PLM, etc.
> J

Shoot me your mailing address privately and I'll make you some disks.  
You need to tell me what density you need, single or double.

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