keys for HP2100A/S

Tim Riker Tim at
Fri Apr 3 11:07:03 CDT 2015

On 04/02/2015 06:43 PM, Jay West wrote:
> I'll add you to the 2100A/S key list. Will probably get them done Monday.

great, thx!

> Looked at your pics... notice you have the comparatively hard to find "jumper board" for the WCS option. Good score.

Yes! I've not started restoring this unit, but I'm glad to have the WCS.
There's not much memory there if I recall.

> As to the plastic light buttons, not a chance :) I have a handful or two of spares, but will need them for two 2100's that haven't been restored yet - and they are a high wear/stress part and will always break over time - and I doubt they will be found in the wild anymore... sounds like a project for a 3d printer. Definitely would have to print an entire set, I'm sure it would look very different brightness/color wise.
> Ok, now that’s two potential needs for a 3d printer... the hp-85A capstan, now the hp 2100 front panel light covers.... one more project in need of a 3d printer here and that increments the level from "want/funToy" to "order one".
> A thought - your missing cap is the B register select. Kind of an important one. Swap it with Fetch, Ind, or Execute - unless you're doing slightly less than common stuff those aren't important. At least, not as important as being able to select the B register :)

I think I already swapped the missing button. Just have not updated the
pictures. :)

I don't have the top cover for the unit either in case you have one of
those sitting around. :)

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