keys for HP2100A/S

Tim Riker Tim at
Thu Apr 2 19:16:35 CDT 2015

Might be too late to ask,

I could use one for my HP-2100A.

It's also missing one plastic light button.

On 03/31/2015 03:32 PM, Jay West wrote:
> Today I mailed off a couple HP 2100A/S front panel keys (they are the round
> tubular "security key" type) to a fellow listmember in need. I thought I had
> a whole box of them, but it turned out virtually all of those were DEC keys.
> So I had 3 copies of the key made today (two for the listmember, one extra
> for me). When I tested them before dropping them in the mail, 2 worked and 1
> did not (of course, I sent off the 2 that worked to the listmember).
> Since I have to go back to the locksmith to get the 1 key redone, I thought
> I'd offer to get keys for the 2100A/S made for anyone that wants them. I
> guess it is possible that your 2100A/S may use a different key, but at least
> every 2100 I've come across uses the same key. The locksmith charges $8 per
> key, and figure $2 bucks for shipping. I'll probably head back to the
> locksmith Monday so if anyone is in need, let me know.
> Please note - the keys for HP 1000 aka 21MX M/E/F are completely different
> and not what I'm talking about here. Just the 2100A or 2100S. But I guess if
> anyone needs keys for those, I can get some made as well. If it's for a 1000
> or MX key, let me know if it's a M series (dual edge key, switch has standby
> position) or E/F (single edge key, not a switch just a front door latch).

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