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Sean Caron scaron at
Wed Apr 1 15:50:44 CDT 2015

Or maybe some bits out of a ground-based radar or anti-aircraft missile
system? I don't really know much about military equipment... it looks to me
like it came out of some kind of ground-based equipment, rather than a ship
or an aircraft.

If I were you I'd probably open up the "CONTROL COMPUTER" and see what was
in there :O It doesn't look like any of the pictures I've ever seen of the
Rolm militarized DG-compatible systems. It might just be a bunch of analog



On Wed, Apr 1, 2015 at 1:42 PM, Christian Kennedy <chris at>

> On 1 Apr 2015, at 1:07, Raymond Wiker <rwiker at> wrote:
> > I thought the "military computer" thing looked like a "Rolm Military
> Computer" that I came across at eBay some time back
> [snip]
> The ATR-chassis ROLM machines used a radically different board form factor
> than anything produced by DG; while the ROLM 16xx series machines
> implemented a superset of the Nova instruction set they were entirely
> designed in-house and aside from parts of the ISA and the signaling on the
> NovaBus had nothing in common with the DG machines.
> Given the markings on the boxes in the photos I’d hazard those are bits of
> a rate-based autopilot or possibly an INS system.
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