HP-85A tape drive conversion

Marc Verdiell marc.verdiell at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 18:21:36 CDT 2015

geneb wrote:
>So it looks like he made a little cap over the top - that's a very simple 
>print.  If you can get me dimensions I can print you a few.  

Yep that's what I did:
inspiring myself from Rick's drawing (thanks Rick). It's a very small part
though, not sure if you can print something that small accurately unless you
have a professional printer. 

The cap I made was 6mm high, 9.6mm in diameter, with a cavity 3mm deep of
6.30mm diameter at the bottom for the capstan to go in. It required me to
reduce the original capstan diameter to the 6.30mm so it could fit in the
cavity though. That's what I was trying to avoid with my two alternate
proposals (for people that don't have a lathe...)

Speaking of which
>I want his lathe. :)
Mwahahaha. Nooooo. It's all miiiiine. Sadly they don't make them anymore, I
got one of the last ones.

- Marc

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