Whitechapel Computer Works MG-1

Eric Smith spacewar at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 15:52:05 CST 2014

>> > The 32016, 32018 (FPU), MMU chips, etc are in nice turned-pin sockets. The
>> > EPROMs are in cheap sockets. Replacing the latter sockets will often get a
>> > dead machine going.
>> I think some of them might be early enough that they were still calling
>> them 16032
> Quite likely. The chip was renamed for marketing reasons IIRC (it was a 16 bit chip
> with 32 bit registers, renamed as a 32 bit chip with a 16 bit bus or some such).

The processor part numbers changed from NSxxnyy to NSyynxx, and IIRC
some of the peripherals changed from NS16nnn to NS32nnn.

This caused great confusion if you had a NS32032, because there was no
easy way to tell whether that specific part was in the old-style or
new-style numbering.

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