36bit still in use ?

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From: Sean Caron
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> Whaaa? That's actually something a little bit different; I didn't even
> know there was such a thing as a TOAD-2.

It's fun to learn new things, isn't it? :-)

> Does anyone here know how many units of the TOAD-2 were ever sold? Who
> bought them?

I imagine that that's company confidential information held at XKL, but
Johnny is correct.  They're still building and selling routers.

> That board looks so close to mini-ITX form factor... they should start
> selling them bare... it would look great next to my Atom boxes!!

In order to make a profit on them as single-board systems, they would
need to be priced in the $8000-$10,000 range, so not a hobbyist purchase
for most of us.  (They aren't built to be used outside of the 1U unit in
which they reside as part of the larger router product, so aren't priced
separately.  The amounts above are educated guesses based on experience
with the company.)


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