Cyber ECL Wiring

Billy Pettit bpettitx at
Sat Nov 29 22:40:30 CST 2014

Chuck Guzis wrote:

"It didn't start with the 170, did it Billy?  I remember a nice thick mat 
of twisted-pair wires on the backplanes of 6000s, as well as in a lot of 
attached controllers.  Taper pin technology."

You're right - the 170 was the first use of main frame wire wrap at CDC.  I've never seen any other machine that used twisted pair wire wrap.  When I left the project, they were trying to defelop a machine to automate the wiring.  It was not going well.

The earlier 6000, 7000 machines used twited pair with taper pins.  Their wire mats were huge, more than 10 inches thick in some places.  That was one of the problems they were trying to solve.


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