Residental electrical load [was Re: Who's rewired their house for this hobby?]

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> Any sense of why it shut-down? One might immediately assume it's due to an
> over-current situation, but it would be worth knowing exactly what
> happened, for sure.

I suspect it’s just the opposite; the fault is the same as if one removed a ferrous pot from the cooktop for more than a handful of seconds while running; from what I’ve observed it looks like it decides that there’s *insufficient* current being drawn, throws the fault display and shuts down the coil in question.

> Did you try reducing the coupling, by placing a thin sheet of glass between
> the cooktop and the alum. foil?

I did with no change in the results but it did lead to the obvious follow-on; It turns out that for a 10” Al-Clad pan I can distance it from the surface by about 8mm before it decides to tell me to sod off.
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