DEC document AA-L619A-TK

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Fri Nov 28 21:24:18 CST 2014

I went looking for MSCP docs and found a PDF holding scans
of a copy of version 1.2 (April, 1982) of DEC document AA-L619A-TK
("MSCP Basic Disk Functions Manual").  It had some of what I wanted.

I've now done a conversion to text and manually checked and cleaned up
the result.  But I'm not sure whom to offer the resulting text file to.
I don't know where I got the PDF; my notes give and as places, but
neither of those is accessible now - returns an "I'm moving,
stuff may be offline" page, and gives ETIMEDOUT.  And
my wetware memory doesn't help me any.

Anyone want a copy, or care to suggest where I should mail it?

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