Relay question

Jim Brain brain at
Fri Nov 28 16:47:57 CST 2014

On 11/28/2014 4:40 PM, Mike Stein wrote:
> Why not just do this the simple, usual way for an application like 
> yours: a pair of nice, sealed, heavy duty industrial pushbuttons 
> marked UP and DOWN, or even a single button with a nice heavy duty 
> toggle switch similarly marked?
For safety, the buttons on the lift (in the bucket), are air switches, 
with the actual electrical portion down below.  I have not seen the 
unit, but my father claims there is no more room for another air line in 
the boom cable trace, so any more switches would have to be wireless, or 
something else.

> Personally, I'd be a little leery pushing that button without knowing 
> which way the lift is going to move when I do...
I think that's why he wants the minimum complexity (no solid state, 
etc.).  I agree, there is some risk there, but he is currently happy 
with the operation using an unsealed relay, I told him surely there 
existing a sealed version of this thing.

Yes, I could happily re-engineer it for him, but just like ill conceived 
concepts on a vintage machine, I'm being asked to just make the current 
setup work, not create a new setup.


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