Who's rewired their house for this hobby?

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> Chuck Guzis wrote:

>> I'll submit that if your goal is phase-to-phase balancing, distributing
>> single-phase to individual residences and then shifting the residences
>> to one phase or the other is probably better in that respect.  In
>> Germany, ordinary wall receptacles are single-phase, so depending on the
>> homeowner to phase-balance his load is probably not the best policy.  On
>> the other hand, doing the same for multi-residence (i.e. apartment
>> blocks) does make sense.
> As I wrote before: Do you really think over there that all people in
> Countries that aren't part of the US are some sort of Idiots?
> I'm a German, are German Engeneeers stupid too?
Did Chuck really say that? *All* people?? Idiots???

Honi soit qui mal y pense...

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