Yay, now I need some Osborne boot media!

Andrew Burton aliensrcooluk at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 26 13:53:29 CST 2014

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Subject: Re: Yay, now I need some Osborne boot media!

> I thought others might be having the same problem but I guess not
> there would be a chorus of "Me too!" by now (Wasn't that <AOL>Me
> at one time?)
> So nobody else is seeing this behaviour then?
> Regards,
> Peter Coghlan.

Me too!

I haven't tried unsubbing from cctech yet though. I keep
meaning to, but never get around to it. I just tried to see
if I had a cctech account, but nope... no joy ;(

Andrew B
aliensrcooluk at yahoo.co.uk

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