List memberships and duplicates [was Re: Yay, now I need some Osborne boot media!]

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Wed Nov 26 13:54:20 CST 2014

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> >> You're probably signed up under two different email addresses; check
> >> the address on your incoming mail and if they're different unsub one
> >> of them.
> > It looks like I'm getting one copy of each message with a cctech
> > From: address and a second copy of each with a cctalk From: address.
> Me too.  I tried unsubbing from cctech and was told I wasn't
> subscribed.  So I've just left it, figuring Jay has bigger fish to fry
> for the moment - if it really bugged me I'd procmail the cctech copy to
> /dev/null.  If it's still going on whenever it seems to me it's worth
> mentioning again (a month? two?), I may see if Jay has the spare cycles
> then to deal with it.

I'm not seeing the same thing. That may be the case on
some occasions, but the emails that I received today
that were duplicated *both* were addressed to cctech!
So I don't think I can set up a rule to delete the duplicate :(

> I suspect, though, that this is one of the things that's behind the
> recent requests for mailman expertise, and that not much will happen
> until someone(tm) picks up that task.  (I sure don't have that
> expertise, or I'd've spoken up; my interactions with mailman have been
> as a listmember, not as any kind of admin.)


I'm surprised that there isn't (or doesn't yet appear to be)
anyone with sufficient mailman experience to help solve
the issues, considering the number of techy people on both

Andrew B
aliensrcooluk at

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