TRS-80 Model 16

Kevin Parker trash80 at
Tue Nov 25 02:32:03 CST 2014

That may be the case Noel but a number of mine are looking a bit ordinary
(and some definitely unusable) and until we spin a machine up we won't
really know.

Kevin Parker


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    > From: Kevin Parker

    > good quality 8" media is a significant problem given its age ..
    > I have .. several hundred 8" floppies. ..
    > Some of the disks look like the parched earth of a desert so they'll
    > a no go. As for the rest it's a guess - just be careful if you're
    > popping disks in and out and check if the surface of the disk is
    > visually OK and that it leaves nothing behind in the drive.

I was under the impression that older floppies should be given the same
'heat soak' treatment given to old tapes (which makes sense; they are
similar formulations on a mylar base).

Once that is done, my understanding is that older floppies are actually
generally quite usable, pretty must like they were when new?


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