books available

Jay West jwest at
Mon Nov 24 14:01:42 CST 2014

  PDP-11 Architecture Handbook (1983)

  PDP-11 Microcomputer Interfaces Handbook (1983)

  PDP-11 Micro/PDP-11 Handbook (1983)

  PDP-11 Unibus PDP-11 Handbook 11/84, 11/44, 11/24 (1985)


In addition, there are:


  PDP-11 Programming Card (1975)

  VT220 Installation Guide (1984)

  VT220 Programmer Pocket Guide (1984)


They are all in excellent shape.


Owner is willing to send via USmail for free. I saw a picture of them and
they are in mint condition. Email me off-list if interested.





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