TRS-80 Model 16

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Mon Nov 24 02:18:45 CST 2014

If you're getting errors reading disks it might be a variety of things as is always the case but good quality 8" media is a significant problem given its age Bill.

I have 2 Model 16's and several hundred 8" floppies. We're just in the process of repairing the PS caps on what appears to be the better of the two machines and then no doubt we'll get to booting. I'm looking forward to that but also expect some moments of despair. But that's what this hobby is all about :-)

Some of the disks look like the parched earth of a desert so they'll be a no go. As for the rest it's a guess - just be careful if you're popping disks in and out and check if the surface of the disk is visually OK and that it leaves nothing behind in the drive.

Kevin Parker


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I recently recused a TRS-80 Model 16.

It's in beautiful condition and appears to be fully functional.

I received some 8" SS,DD 128/F floppies with it, but unfortunately none of them appear to have anything on them (that I can tell) - receive "BOOT ERROR RS" on this system.

What are my options?  This is my first TRS-80 model II/8" floppy-based hardware.

I'm located in central Wisconsin.


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