Who's rewired their house for this hobby?

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Sun Nov 23 17:49:51 CST 2014

On 11/23/2014 03:12 PM, tony duell wrote:

> I bought a second-hand slide projector over here and it came with about 10 mains leads
> ending in assorted main plugs 2 and 3 pin, even a bayonet lampholder plug. The old owner had
> used it for illustrating his lectures and he never knew what socket he would find in the lecture hall...

Many in the construction trades use portable tools with Hubbell 
"twist-lock" (NEMA "L") plugs.  I don't know why those never made it 
into the consumer market.  A leaf blower with the standard 2-blade plug 
will pull out of the socket on an extension cord in a heartbeat.

I believe the two-blade NEMA 1-15 plug originated with Hubbell, 
strangely enough.


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