FS: HP 16500C logic analyzer system

Robert Ferguson rob at bitscience.ca
Sun Nov 23 16:34:44 CST 2014

I’m getting rid of my HP 16500C logic analyzer. It’s got the 16550A and 16517A modules. The former has 96 data channels and 6 clock/data channels, all at 100MHz; the latter provides 16 channels @ up to 4GHz.

It comes with all the pods/probes and many connectors, as well as the manuals and training materials. It passes all self-tests.

I’m in Vancouver, BC. The LA is probably too big to ship economically, but if someone in the BC lower mainland or Washington state is interested, let me know. 

I’ve got it up on Craigslist for a firm $300 (http://vancouver.craigslist.ca/nvn/ele/4775079685.html <http://vancouver.craigslist.ca/nvn/ele/4775079685.html>), but list members can make me an offer.

Rob Ferguson

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