Who's rewired their house for this hobby?

Holm Tiffe holm at freibergnet.de
Sun Nov 23 15:36:36 CST 2014

tony duell wrote:

> > 
> > Even if the lamp is designed to for 1A it's wiring has to be able to
> > withstand 16A so if a short occurs the fuse is blown with no risk at all.
> Are you saying that all portable electrical devices sold in Germany are 
> wired with 16A flexible cable? I've seen plenty of cables with a German
> plug on the end that look to me like 6A flexible cable.

No. It has to withstand a short with an 16A circuit breaker in the circuit.
that 6A looking plugs with only two pins are "Euro-Stecker" for small
security isolated devices.

I have a small workshop down in the backyard that was a washing room in the
past. I've installed a new distribution paneel with a counter for 3 phase
power (lathe, drill press, grinders, welders)in approx 2000 and had to use
4x16mm^2 copper wire from the house distribution to the paneel with 32A
Circuit breakers b'cause of the 63A fuses in the house distribution box (?).
The gauge must be sufficient to withstand the current to blow the house



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