Who's rewired their house for this hobby?

Holm Tiffe holm at freibergnet.de
Sun Nov 23 15:05:21 CST 2014

tony duell wrote:

> [Vacuum cleaner power ratings]
> > Hmm... may be that one isn't that dump.
> > In the german mikrocontroller.net forum it was discussed sometimes ago that
> > manufacturers of vacuum cleaners really put Heater resistors into theyr
> > products to rise the pulled power..
> I can believe that. Like the extra transistors not connected to anything in some
> early transistor radios so the manufacturers could claim 12 transistors or whatever.
> > Don't get me wron, but I can't see any need for consumer vacuum cleanersi
> > above 1600 Watts..what would you do? Suck in the entire carpet and shredder
> > it?
> Nor can I, but I dislike stupid regulations even more.

Exactly as I'm. But in this case I'm not that excitedly..

> > >
> > > No, instead your table lamp is protected by a 15A breaker in the
> > > distibution panel. Hmm.. I am told that in some continental
> > > European countries it's common to have a pair of 16 A (230V)
> > > outlets protected by a single 32A breaker. And no other protective
> > > device. So a table lamp is effectively fused at 32A. No thanks.
> > 
> > No. That's hearsay and forbidden everywhere.
> I've not seen all the electical regulations for all EU countries... Until I do I will not be convinced that such
> wiring doesn't exist anywere..

Even at EU countries this is unlikely, possibly something like that exists
in the ex-EU Area.
> What is the typical German wiring ? A 16A breaker for each outlet? 
> -tony

No, mostly two or three outlets per room at one 16A breaker, Light is a
separate circuit in most cases.
The Breakers are mostly B16 Type, really fast characteristics. You are
unable to get a welder working with them. 5 running computers are also
impossible b'cause of the in rush current after a short outage (seldom, but
they happen). You have to use C16 or K16 Breakters for that. No Problem
with older wire-type fuses (?) with edison sockets.


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