Who's rewired their house for this hobby?

Holm Tiffe holm at freibergnet.de
Sun Nov 23 14:38:32 CST 2014

tony duell wrote:

> > 
> > I note that the higher-power vacuum cleaners ("hoovers") are being
> > limited in the UK.  I was always envious of those.  A typical "high
> Yes, another moronic EU regulation. No idea what the point of it is, 
> probably to please the 'greens' (as I have said many times, when I was a 
> kid. 'green' meant 'naive', and I don't think it has changed much...

Hmm... may be that one isn't that dump.
In the german mikrocontroller.net forum it was discussed sometimes ago that
manufacturers of vacuum cleaners really put Heater resistors into theyr
products to rise the pulled power..

Don't get me wron, but I can't see any need for consumer vacuum cleanersi
above 1600 Watts..what would you do? Suck in the entire carpet and shredder

I do have a industrial type vacuum cleaner with 3 phase power rated 1,5KW
and a zyklon type "filter" in my warehouse..be sure, that thing really
sucks :-))

> No, instead your table lamp is protected by a 15A breaker in the 
> distibution panel. Hmm.. I am told that in some continental 
> European countries it's common to have a pair of 16 A (230V)
> outlets protected by a single 32A breaker. And no other protective
> device. So a table lamp is effectively fused at 32A. No thanks.

No. That's hearsay and forbidden everywhere.


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