mainframes and other stuff

Ali cctalk at
Sat Nov 22 00:07:47 CST 2014

>I really hope this guy can clear a
> space to save stuff and do what is suggested here.  I'm making the
> point that is is more significant to change to save stuff than it is to
> sort into two or so streams and break it up.  The stuff they  save is
> all categorized now, and they can get people to move that stuff off the
> shelves easier than mainframe or minicomputer crap.


This I agree with. However, if he is coming here saying he is willing to sort then he needs to make some changes in his practice (e.g. no hammers/saws for a week on potentially). The 15% markup I suggested is to cover those inconveniences. Of course 15% may not be enough and to make it work he may need 40%. That is a number he needs to do the math on for his own business.

BTW: if you don't mind me asking where is a scrapper in SoCal? Is it anywhere near LA?

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