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Ali cctalk at
Fri Nov 21 16:55:46 CST 2014

> It might seem like that, but the scrappers are probably getting in 40
> or 50' trailers full of stuff, so they don't have time to admire
> anything that can just be handled like any other bulk scrap.  He is
> probably paying dearly for the space he operates in, so every 4 x 5'
> space he wasted storing something so we can do the old soft shoe and
> low ball him is a lot of space he can't store crap to sort, to get the
> trailers empty for the next.


I am not sure how what I proposed goes against what you said. There is no need to "admire" but they have to sort if they want to sell to anyone else but the mill (or allow us to pick and paw through their stuff in person or virtually). The seller in the OP is willing to sort. I am proposing a simplification, for example:

We give him a list of brands: IBM, CDC, Sun, SGI, Univac, whatever. If he sees one of these he puts it aside, weighs it or eyeballs the weight, take a picture with a price. The item stays available until the next shipment to the mill, China, or wherever he sends his scraps for processing. Price is firm and relatively fair because it is based on what he would get for it at the mill with a bit of a mark up. As others have pointed out offering anything less than the scrap value is a waste of everyone's time.

There is no soft shoe and no back and forth. You see the inventory and you can buy or not. Plus his space is not occupied in hope of a sale since items will be going out on the same schedule as if they were never put on display.  

I am by no means an expert in scrapping and wish as hell there were scrappers that were easily accessible in LA. I'd be there once a week just to see what has come in. However, a sale is a sale no matter the commodity and the adversarial process follows the same basic guidelines and rules. The only reason to ask for specific models, with the buyers offering prices, is to see what has intrinsic value significantly above scrap and to hold on to those items, or to shop them around, for the best profit possible. If the interest is in making money while doing a good deed what I propose achieves that and stays fair to both parties.

Just my two, potentially worthless, cents ;)


p.s. Yes there is a third possibility that he is daily getting 1 or 2 50' containers of Univacs so he would have to put a ton of stuff aside so he is asking for specific models to help him sort. Honestly, though I doubt he has that much stuff of interest coming in daily.

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