Who's rewired their house for this hobby?

Todd Goodman tsg at bonedaddy.net
Fri Nov 21 14:55:05 CST 2014

* Ali <cctalk at fahimi.net> [141121 15:41]:
> > My wife thinks I'm certifiable as well since there couldn't possibly be
> > anyone else in the world interested in this "junk."  Oh, and also that
> > I'm a "semi-hoarder."
> Only "semi-"? You have a very understanding wife. Mine has labeled me a
> hoarder and threatens at least once a week to call in a junk dealer to
> "clean out the house"!
> -Ali

She is very understanding.  There are wire racks in the kitchen with
vintage stuff on them as well as vintage computer equipment spread out
over the kitchen table (for more than three years) so that we can't use
the table.

And best of all, she only threatens to leave every month or so now.  :-)


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