Who's rewired their house for this hobby?

Todd Killingsworth killingsworth.todd at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 13:46:29 CST 2014

Hi All -

I'm looking into getting a bigger Sun box (bigger than my E3000) and after
reading the specs...  If I'm really going to do this, I'll need to get some
220v outlets wired up. (I'm in the US.) Any advice to pass along for this?
I'd much rather listen to other people's surprises than have to rediscover
them on my own.

How much of what you collect requires 220v?  How many big boxes do you keep
running - 24/7 or just turn it on/off as you want to use it?

I guess somewhere in the back of my mind,  I realized that old machines
took lots of power.  But do the collectors here wire up their homes and
keep machines there?  Or do you have another place (old warehouse or
somesuch) that already supports multiple 220v hookups?  Or do you colo it

Not yet sure how expensive it would be, but my wife thinks I'm completely

Todd Killingsworth

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