HP2100A luser questions

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Fri Nov 21 13:20:57 CST 2014

> Congrats, the 2100 is a wonderful machine. IMHO, the
> easiest/quickest/MostFunctional front panel ever on any computer. The "light
> being the pushbutton" allows for really quick entry/changes and strong
> visual cues. I find I can enter front panel code quicker on that panel than
> any other.

Yes, fortunately I do have the 'full' panel. I've not tested all the bulbs yet, although
I do find extracting them and getting them back to be painful. The fomer is possible
using my (UK) Post Office Extractor Np 5 (used for telephone exchange bulbs), but
aligning the pins with the tiny holes in the switch to re-insert them is a pain...
[Floating point]

> I believe the microcode listings are around. Can't put my fingers on it at
> the moment.

I have the CPU microcode listings, I think, in one of the manuals. I've also read
 the microcoding manual, for all I don't have a WCS board (that is something I

[Panel keylock switch]

> I probably have a spare key... but at the least, I'm sure I could loan you a
> key so you can have a copy made.

I have been offered a spare key already. If that doesn't work out, I suspect 
taking the lock apart and measuring the pins is the way forwards. These locks
are not complicated, I have done it before on other machines.


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