Reading a CD that has no reflective layer

John Foust jfoust at
Tue Nov 18 14:27:31 CST 2014

At 02:12 PM 11/18/2014, Tothwolf wrote:
>Couldn't one also apply a layer of aluminum? This is commonly done with mirrors for optics in telescopes and such, by hobbyists. I'm not 100% familiar with the process, but I understand it is done in a small vacuum chamber with some sort of electrical process to vaporize the aluminum.

Yes, that's sputtering.  The pressed pits and lands are covered in Al, then
that's covered with protective lacquer and then the label.  I don't think
aluminizing the lacquer would have the same effect.  I also considered
traditional silvering, but plastic doesn't wet like glass does.

>I /might/ also have a Philips CM-100 on another more accessible shelf, but it may be a few days or a week before I can have a look and see what I have. I seem to remember the drive I have has an unusual data connector. Does the CM-100 require a special interface card?

Yes, an ISA card, and I was surprised to see it for sale for about $10
new-in-box on eBay.  I think I also saw that Erik Klein has one.

- John

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