Netronics Phoneme generator info

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Mon Nov 10 21:21:31 CST 2014

> You know, this entire discussion requires a user to reliably hit the RETURN $

Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that this statement was posted
with paragraph-length lines - ie, without hitting RETURN?

> I have never had any confidence in a human _ever_following instructions.  I $

Yes, and a human who tries to type Dvorak on a QWERTY keyboard will
lose too.  There's only so much broken-user it's reasonable to try to

In the case of a speech synth that takes phoneme codes rather than
natural-language text, I see nothing wrong with assuming it's going to
be talking to software rather than a human, possibly excepting
debugging (and debuggers can usually be trusted to be more capable of
adhering to protocol than end users such as the woman you describe).

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