Netronics Phoneme generator info

Roe Peterson roeapeterson at
Mon Nov 10 16:41:39 CST 2014

> On Nov 10, 2014, at 4:11 PM, Jules Richardson <jules.richardson99 at> wrote:
>> On 11/10/2014 02:51 PM, Roe Peterson wrote:
>> You know, this entire discussion requires a user to reliably hit the
>> RETURN key.  At least once, at the right time, and after connecting with
>> a modem, or whatever.
> Except that the return key generates 0x0a [LF] (at least on the Linux system that I have the board hooked up to) and the board is expecting 0x0d [CR, ctrl-M] as the first character.

No, the keyboard will always generate a CR (CTRL-M, 0x0d) when the return/enter/whatever key is pressed.  Unix/Linux line discipline translates it into an LF (if, IIRC, ICRNL is set). 

The semantics for stty change from Unix to Unix, but a CR is always decimal 13, a line feed is always decimal 10.  Check "man ascii". 

> I did end up writing a quick bit of C code to set up the serial line parameters and spit out exactly the data that I wanted, just so I could rule out other possibilities getting in the way, but still no luck. As I said in another message, I'm not particularly surprised, though - the board is over 30 years old, it was sitting in a junk pile, and some of the parts could easily be bad (2114 RAM chips aren't known for their reliability, for instance).
> cheers
> Jules

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