Osborne Vixen - Zenith 7" display t-shooting issues

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Sat Nov 8 12:44:41 CST 2014

> Over the past couple of years, I've replaced the dark-activated 7W
> "night lights" in my home with modern white LED ones.  Big
> mistake--after about 2 years, they're much dimmer than they started
> out to be.

Yeah, "white LED"s are pretty close to white, but only sort-of LEDs.
They're fluorescent lights driven by (IIRC) ultraviolet LEDs, and they
have the dimming-with-age issues most fluorescent lights do.

> I didn't replace the EL or neon night-lights and they're all still
> fine.

Yeah.  Up here (Ontario), some misguided fool[%] has managed to get
100W incandescents banned.  (Well, not entirely.  Just manufacture or
import of them.  Possession and use are still permitted.  Also, there
are some exceptions, such as rough-service bulbs.)

> I don't get it.  Or maybe I do.

Yeah, as near as I can figure it's a planned-obsolescence play, dressed
up in "green" rhetoric, by the makers of the various short-life bulbs.
I wrote about this a little on my blah; see
http://ftp.rodents-montreal.org/mouse/blah/2011-11-13-1.html, the two
footnotes in particular.

[%] Assuming you don't push the causality back far enough to reach
    someone with a vested interest in this campaign....

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