anybody still using elm

Chris Osborn fozztexx at
Thu Nov 6 11:12:50 CST 2014

On Nov 6, 2014, at 9:00 AM, Chuck Guzis <cclist at> wrote:
> Only if you're transferring the files using UUCP.

Now that I *am* still using. All of my mail servers act as secondary MX servers for each other and when things come in they get queued up and transferred via UUCP. It has worked great for me for 20 years, no reason to switch now. When a link goes down it’s not a problem, nothing gets lost and UUCP doesn’t time-out and start bouncing messages. Plus I still have one server that’s on a residential connection which moves all of its mail via UUCP since it can do polling when necessary.

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