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Sean Conner spc at
Wed Nov 5 23:57:27 CST 2014

It was thus said that the Great random832 at once stated:
> There is no standard-based support for rewriting the user's Reply-To
> header (which practice irrevocably discards the original Reply-To and
> incites people to, incorrectly, reply to the From header). See also
> [the Mail-Followup-To
> header it proposes is not the subject of any RFC]

  If you check the syntax for the Reply-To header, you'll see it takes an
address list, which means you can have more than one email address in that
header.  So munging could include *adding* an email address, just not
*replacing* any existing email address.

  -spc (Who's written lots of code to parse emails ... )

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