OT: reply-to munging

Sean Conner spc at conman.org
Wed Nov 5 23:53:01 CST 2014

It was thus said that the Great Jay West once stated:
> Oh hell. I sure didn't mean to open up that can of worms (the every year or
> so debate on if replies should be to the list or to the poster). But since
> it HAS been brought up....
> Background for short-timers: There is a recurring debate every year or so as
> to the reply-to headers setting on the list. The way it works now, when the
> list sends out list traffic/posts to each of you, it "munges" the reply-to
> header so that when you hit "reply" to a list post, the reply goes to the
> list. If you want to just reply to the poster directly (off-list), you have
> to go through gyrations like hitting forward and typing in the senders email
> address.
> Taking off my list owner hat... the following is my own personal opinion on
> the topic which shall not be dictated upon the rest:
> I think that's insane, not to mention that I suspect it violates some RFC's

  Nope.  Section 4.4.3 of RFC-822 specifically allows munging of the
Reply-To header.  

  Personally, I fall into the "Reply-To munging okay" camp.  Where's what I
wrote about this topic when it reared its head over fourteen years ago:


  -spc (So the topic itself fits within the 10 year rule 8-P

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