list issues & status

Dennis Boone drb at
Wed Nov 5 16:46:37 CST 2014

 > > The high number of messages that show up on this list which were
 > > intended to be private tells me there is a problem with the way it
 > > currently works.

 > I disagree. It's more likely that they hit 'reply', write the message
 > and before they remember to change the 'to' address they hit
 > 'send'. I have done it in the past.

 > For the vast majority that hit 'reply' the intended target is the
 > list.

The reason this whole recurring discussion is so annoying is because
it's a lose-lose scenario:

Givens -

1. Sometimes you want to reply to the list, others to the individual

2. No one cares enough, regardless of how much wheedling, cajoling,
badgering, ridicule or abuse you heap upon them, to pay attention to wth
they are doing when they reply.

No setting fixes this, it just chooses between which group gets bit.

How about a nice minicomputer discussion?


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