Gareth Knight gareth at
Wed Nov 5 06:08:52 CST 2014

On 05/11/2014 01:31, Jim Carpenter wrote:
>> Ah, back in the classic days of computers, people didn't understand
>> mailing lists, and sent their mailing list commands TO THE LIST.
>> Are we going back to the way things used to be done?
> On nearly every mailing list I belong to the first SET DIGEST or
> UNSUBSCRIBE command that goes out on the list *always* sets off a
> storm of requests from other people. :(
I'm surprised we haven't seen a flurry of requests from new users who 
aren't familiar with mailing lists. Everyone else must be using web 
forums nowadays.

I've just sent a digest request, so pre-emptive apologies if it goes to 
the list.


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