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Your welcome email today had your subscription password on it. Go to and select either cctalk or
cctech as appropriate. You can log in with your password and change your
settings to digest.

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Hi Jay

How do I get the list to send in daily 'digest' mode again?  Presently I'm
getting every individual email.

Checked FAQ's but no help.

Many thanks

> On 3/11/2014, at 12:07 pm, Terry Stewart <terry at> wrote:
>> Knowing the recovery wouldn't be quick/easy anyways, I took the 
>> opportunity to just build a new classiccmp server VM from scratch. 
>> The latest OS, patches, dependencies, libraries, and ports. This new 
>> VM is on the new production san so there's a pretty fair amount of 
>> additional disk space thrown at classiccmp (and thus bitsavers). It's 
>> always amazing when I revisit this just how many packages/services 
>> are on that machine that a reload from scratch requires. It's been a busy
few days/nights.
> Many thanks for this sterling contribution to the community Jay.
> Terry (Tez)

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