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Sun Nov 2 17:03:33 CST 2014

Thanks to you and everyone involved in getting the new server and classiccmp
lists up and running.

Andrew B
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> The classiccmp server and it's backups were on a temporary san that hit a
> bug and rebooted itself. Needless to say, dropping iscsi to a hypervisor
> not a good thing. The classiccmp vm thus rebooted itself, ran fsck, and
> best as I can tell) the only thing corrupted was the cctalk and cctech
> config.pck files (which contain the list settings and membership). The
> backup had the same corruption on it, because it ran the backup before I
> noticed the problem. Anyways.
> Knowing the recovery wouldn't be quick/easy anyways, I took the
> to just build a new classiccmp server VM from scratch. The latest OS,
> patches, dependencies, libraries, and ports. This new VM is on the new
> production san so there's a pretty fair amount of additional disk space
> thrown at classiccmp (and thus bitsavers). It's always amazing when I
> revisit this just how many packages/services are on that machine that a
> reload from scratch requires. It's been a busy few days/nights.
> Things you should know:
> 1>     The membership list for each list was recovered thanks to the hard
> work of DBoone. He processed the last few days of maillogs to get the
> subscriber lists back. THANK YOU D.
> 2>     Given how we had to do #1, it is possible that a few folks that had
> subscriptions weren't automatically re-subscribed (someone who set their
> membership on 'no email' could be one example). Those folks will notice
> just resubscribe.
> 3>     Given the very bizarre way we had the cctalk and cctech lists
> at the hip", I do not recall the magic we did to get that working
> I am aware that posts from one probably aren't being redirected to the
> like it used to (if at all). I'm working on refiguring that out, and any
> suggestions (offlist) would be most appreciated.
> 4>     Given that I had to recreate the lists configurations from scratch,
> I'm pretty certain that I have some settings different than used to be. If
> you find anything different that matters, let me know.
> 5>     The "new" classiccmp server is currently hosting the mailing lists,
> the website, plus all websites that are underneath
> (ex. ,
> etc.). Thus, you may notice a different ip address and hostname on the
> server. The new name/IP will stick till any future rebuilds.
> 6>     The "old" classiccmp server is still up, and is hosting all the
> websites that have their own domain name. Time permitting, I'll be
> those one at a time to the new server. During that time period - however
> long it takes - ftp and rsyncd will not be available to prevent loosing
> changes when cutover occurs.
> 7>     I do not recall who all the folks were that were helping
> posts between cctalk/cctech. If you were one of those folks, please let me
> know asap off-list so I can get you re-added.
> 8>     For people who have websites hosted on the classiccmp server, be
> aware the new server is running mysql56, php56, and apache24 (with
> Before your website is moved, let me know if you're aware of any breakage
> that using those new versions may cause. I'd also prefer to transform any
> myisam databases to innodb unless you're aware of an issue that may cause.
> 9>     Please do not post to the list or email me directly about "hey, the
> archives are gone!". They have been preserved, and time permitting they
> get imported back into the "new" mailing list (along with the missing 199x
> bits that were recently mentioned). Rumor has it that someone has
> volunteered to improve the archive search mechanism in the not too distant
> future.
> 10> Many people have asked me over the past year or so to host their
> classiccmp-related website, and I pushed them off due to the lack of disk
> space. That is no longer an issue so if you're one of the people wanting
> that (and still do), now is the time to get back in touch with me. As
> always, we'll host any classiccmp-related website free of charge.
> 11> Within the next 30 days (at most) we'll be adding the classiccmp
> to our CDN service. The advantage: I would expect to be able to remove
> any/all bandwidth limits previously in place and folks will be able to
> download files from the bitsavers master very quickly and your
> classiccmp-hosted websites will be a lot more snappy. The downside is,
> you'll have to either be ok with it taking a while for new/changed content
> on your site to be visible world-wide, or you'll need to take a look at
> api (or via a CDN website login) to invalidate the cache when you change
> something. In most cases, this can be easily automated.
> 12> During the mailing list outage, all websites and bitsavers were still
> up. It was just the mailing lists that were affected.
> I'm sure there's more that I've forgotten. But.. Enjoy!
> Best,
> J

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